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Betina's Little Farm and Butterfly Garden is a wonderful little place just outside of Los Angeles where you can come and visit with an assortment of farm animals, walk through a butterfly garden and learn about the creatures that live there.Betina, the owner, is passionate about her animals and loves to teach everyone about them. She has devoted her life to learning and caring for animals and is super blessed to have this amazing group of critters to share with guests.Her animals are friendly and love to interact with visitors. When you come for a visit they all eagerly say hi and want to play with you.You will get to meet chickens, pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep, a mini horse, and a mini donkey. You may get a chance to see wild butterflies, lizards, and wild birds. Feel free to take lots of pictures and videos and enjoy your time on the farm. Please share them with us on FB and IG#betinaslittlefarm

About Us: Our Farm
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