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Testimonials: Testimonials

We just came back home from Betina's and had a wonderful time! We learned all about planting for butterflies and got to meet all of the happy farm animals. We loved giving them all some hugs and pets, and got to take home a fresh egg! Thanks Betina!


What a special place this little farm is! My daughters love animals, so I booked this for them but I must say, with all the fun stories about the animals and how Betina has received them, her knowledge about each type of rabbits, goats, mini horse, butterflies, turtles, chickens, roosters and her pigs my husband and I also learned a ton and had THE BEST experience... We highly recommend this tour!


It was our first time seeing butterfly eggs in the wild! Betina was super friendly and knowledgeable about plants and animals. She created a warm and fun learning experience for kids and parents. She was very patient with all our questions, and very encouraging to our little girl who was a little nervous around some animals. This is definitely a great family activity! Betina is super kid-friendly and passionate about her farm animals. It was a fun and safe experience!


I’m so happy to have found Betina’s farm on Airbnb! It was such a wonderful experience that helped us to create amazing memories on our final full day in Los Angeles. Her farm is located very conveniently, and we were able to easily get Ubers to and from the property! She greeted us immediately on arrival, and she was so friendly & welcoming from the very start. First, Betina took us to her garden and explained all of the plants and told us about the butterflies that we saw flying around us. Then, we met all of her amazing farm animals!!! Some of the highlights included holding a tiny baby chick and getting to pet the sweetest pig ever. We got to meet all of her chickens, hug her miniature donkey, pet her miniature horse, spend time with her other beautiful horses, and visit with several amusing goats that loved to lick us and be pet. The entire time, Betina told us lots of interesting facts about the animals, as well as their backstories. When we told her that we loved birdwatching, she was sure to point out some of the birds that frequent her property to make sure that we saw them! This experience felt very personalized, and it was a pleasure to get to know Betina, who is a true animal lover like ourselves! We highly recommend this experience!


We had the best time at Betina’s Farm It was the first time our daughter had met farm animals and there were many smiles and chuckles. Thank you for being a wonderful host Betina.


What a fun experience! Betina knows EVERYTHING about animals and we asked all sorts of questions! I brought my 22m old and she had a blast petting and interacting with and talking to all of the animals. She was also obsessed with the chicken eggs and Betina let her keep one! 10/10.


I HIGHLY recommend this experience. I brought my 2-year-old with 2 of her little friends, and they had an absolute blast. It's amazing how many animals live at Betina's (and they all have fabulous enclosures and are very healthy). Many of her animals came from petting zoos which makes them extremely friendly and sweet (even with high-energy kids like my daughter). The bunnies, pig, and horses all wanted to be pet and it was magical. Betina personalized our visit for our kids' age group and she even made the visit educational for them (I really appreciated that). Truly, this experience is a must for locals and visitors alike!


The animals here are loved and well cared for. Betina is super sweet and thoughtful.


Absolutely amazing! Me and my boyfriend absolutely enjoyed this awesome experience. Definitely something special and very informative about all the animals.


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